World Class top triathletes - We don’t choose them, they chose us – just name-dropping a few.
Jessica Learmonth Brilliant success and products. Thanks very much for the support! #freespeed
Richard Murray My bike only runs on @cbearcycling , loved your products and has lasted so well on my bikes . Thanks for the continued support #freespeed #ceramic
Cameron Wurf The best kept secret in the sport!
Fernando Alarza An honor to wear @cbearcycling ! Thanks for the support! A great team!
Plus other #cbearian sharing their C-Bear experience. We wont be here today, without you .  To all cbearian, thks, thks, tks, tks…...

World class top triathletes chose C-Bear ceramic

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Marathonmtb (davysprocketmtb)
C-bear DUB 41 marathonmtb davysprocketmtb Pressift 89.5/92
Gravel Cyclist Belgian Tough
Gravel Cyclist review of C-bear : Belgium Tough ceramic bottom bracket
Bike Rumor
C-bear PF42-30 ceramic bottom bracket on Bike Radar review
Cyclingweekly Hillclimb
C-Bear PF30 Cycling Weekly Hill Climb Cannondale
Cyclingtips Everett Top 10
Global Cycling Network
C-Bear PF41-30 Global Cycling Network

Bike Builds

Sturdy Cycles
C-bear,  the chosen exclusive ceramic partner , T47 ceramic bottom bracket on Sturdy Cycles,
Richard Sachs
C-bear BSA GXP ceramic bottom bracket on Richard Sachs own bike
C-bear Prova Cycles bespokeduk Australia handmadebicycles show
C-bear Prova Cycles bespokeduk Australia handmadebicycles show
Mercer bike C-bear BSA-GXP ceramic bottom bracket
Bastion handbike paraolympian stuarttripp with C-BEAR ceramic bottom brack