OSBB Confusion - Which bottom bracket for my Specialized bike

Confusion about Specialized OSBB.  C-Bear will explain and kiss (keep it simple and straight-forward).

There is still lots of confusion about what is the right bottom bracket for Specialized OSBB.

All Specialized bottom brackets are generally referred to as OSBB. To get the correct bottom bracket for your Specialized frame, the first step is to understand what are the different OSBBs.

Let us start with Specialized MTB frames, as it is a standard PF30 73x46 mm bottom bracket shell. That has been the status quo.

OSBB 61x46 carbon Road frame with Specialized original delrin bottom bracket

The confusion is mostly with Specialized ROAD frame.

1. Road carbon frame
a. with virgin carbon 61x46 mm bottom bracket shell (non standard Pressfit 30).
Note: standard Pressfit30 (PF30) is 68x46 mm
The photo above showed a virgin carbon 61x46 mm bottom bracket shell, and the orginal delrin bottom bracket supplied by Specialized.
b. with a black or silver aluminium insert expoxied by the manufacturer in the original virgin carbon 61x46 mm bottom bracket shell,
converting it into a BB30 bottom bracket shell of 68x42 mm
See the photos below.
2. Road aluminium frame is a standard BB30 (68x42 mm) shell


OSBB 61 frame with silver or black aluminium insert expoxied, converting it to a BB30 frame.
C-Bear clarifies different OSBBs: 
Road Carbon Virgin  = 61x46 mm (non-standard PF30)
Road Carbon Virgin + expoxied aluminium insert = BB30 = 68x42 mm
Road Aluminium = BB30 = 68x42 mm
MTB = PF30 =  73x46 mm

Therefore, first determine whether your Specialized road bike is carbon or aluminium frame?
Then, is it with a virgin carbon bb shell  OR  with an aluminium insert already expoxied by the manufacturer in the virgin carbon shell.
Best is to measure the length and the inside diameter of the bottom bracket shell of your Specialized bike. Or check with Specialized or with the bikeshop you purchased your bike from.

Owners of Specialized road frame with a virgin carbon shell, just remove the Specialized delrin cups and install C-Bear OSBB 61 bottom bracket, depending on the crank of your choice. 
If you have a Specialized with the insert already expoxied, you can elect C-Bear BB30 bottom bracket, depending on the crank of your choice.

C-Bear is the first in 2012/3 that came out with the silencing OSBB61 for Campagnolo cranks. Some even tried to custom make a solution and still did not get the results matching C-Bear durable no creak bottom brackets. Watch installation video C-Bear OSBB61 - Campa

C-Bear silencing OSBB bottom bracket (all standard with ceramic bearings) for cranks of
24mm - Shimano HT II, Sram GXP, Rotor 3D and FSA Mega Exo
25mm  - Campagnolo Ultra and Power Torque.
30mm  - FSA/SRAM BB30, FACT, Rotor 3D+, Campagnolo Over Torque, Clavicula ,FSA EVO386 and Race Face Cinch

All without the need of loctite, spacers and adapters. Always the same C-Bear principles:
KISS (keep it simple and straightforward)
Install and Ride
Cycling is about clearing your mind, C-Bear empowers you from the beginning with hassle free components and installation, just a silencing no creak ride.

Specialized Road carbon frames includes Tarmac, Roubaix, Venge, Cruz, Shiv and Amira.
Specialized MTB carbon frames includes Epic, Stumpjumper, Camber, Enduro, Demo 8, S-Works Fatboy, Era, Fate and Rhyme