C-Bear Silent Ceramic Performance

C-Bear - Silent Ceramic Performance
Review by Darby Thomas (professional triathlete)
Darby Thomas triathlete C-bear bottom bracket bicycle ceramic bearingDarby Thomas triathlete C-bear bottom bracket bicycle ceramic bearing

Darby Thomas triathlete C-bear bottom bracket bicycle ceramic bearing

April 2015 : I recently had a bottom bracket compatibility issue with a frame and the crank set I wanted to use. A friend had told me about C-Bear and I was able to quickly find the info about which product to order. The customer service contacted me virtually immediately to confirm the product compatibility and within a few days I was installing the bottom bracket.

Today’s bikes have a wide variety of bottom bracket standards and the market for cranks provides even greater variety of compatible components. However, sometimes the crank set you want doesn’t line up with the bottom bracket standard used on your frame. There are many adapters and shims available out there but most are complicated and usually the performance of the system suffers because of that.

C-Bear was founded by Bart Schouten who was himself frustrated by the frequency of bearings changing. After he found the quality durable ceramic bearings, he decided to share his findings with other cyclists - C-Bear is borned. Bart began to develop his own premium ceramic bearing bottom brackets that required no adaptors or installation shims; just simple installation as per the frame’s normal installation method.

In my case, I had a BB30 compliant frame and a GXP standard crank. After getting the bottom bracket from C-Bear I simply pressed it into place in about 30 seconds, pushed the cranks in and tightened. End of story. During my first few test rides I was immediately impressed by the silent smooth performance of the ceramic bearings. In the past, I had been annoyed by how easily some bottom brackets made creaking noises. The C-Bear bottom bracket was immediately silent and smooth without any need to fine-tune the greasing or re-install multiple times.

I also ordered C-bears ceramic bearings for my wheels and derailleur pulleys. For those who don’t know about the benefits of using ceramic vs. standard steel bearings, there is a few watts savings. As I am a professional triathlete, even a 1watt savings is very meaningful in my bike speed and race time. I am looking forward to putting all these new tools to use in my upcoming races!

Update 1 Aug 2015
The bottom bracket has been performing flawlessly. I opened up the seals the other day to add grease and they were in perfect condition still.
Wheels have been very good as well. Rolling beautifully. And from my experience with the C-bear products the best benefit has been reliability as even after half a season of use they are perfectly clean on the inside and working perfectly.

Update May 2016
I was a bit unsure if this kind of performance would last a grueling season of use but after a year my heavily used bottom bracket continues to roll like day 1.
Thanks C-Bear for keeping me rolling, and rolling and rolling ...

Darby Thomas