C-Bear Kiss

C-BEAR and KISS (Keep it simple and straight-forward)

  • No need to worry about how many spacers, rings, wave washers.
  • No worrying how thick they have to be, what goes where, in what sequence.
  • NONE of these to think about.
    (C-Bear did all the thinking. Eliminate all the unnecessary parts.)

Install and Ride.  No play, No Creak. No Loctite. No unnecessary parts.  Silent Speed Performance

C-BEAR Bottom Bracket Easy Finder

3 steps:

  1. you bike frame bottom bracket shell size, find the row.
  2. your crank set, find the column.
  3. road or cyclcross/mtb ceramic bearing.
    There you have it, install, peace of mind.

Silent Speed Performance – KISS.