The pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike. An upgrade to ceramic bearing therefore is the most effective upgrade. C-Bear ceramic pulley can be used both for road, cyclocross and MTB.

Full Ceramic Pulley Shimano Sram|Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley Full Ceramic

Shimano-Sram 10/11sp
Sram  AXS 12 speed - road

Campagnolo  11 speed 
Campagnolo  12 speed 
For Road/Race use Only.

 Pulley - Titanium |Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley - Titanium

Shimano-Sram 10/11 speed
Campagnolo 11 speed

With full ceramic bearings, click here

Pulley Campagnolo|Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley Campagnolo

11 speed  (picture here)
12 speed
13 speed Ekar
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Available in both full and hybrid ceramic bearings

Pulley Shimano-Sram|Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley Shimano-Sram

10/11 Speed:


With full ceramic bearings, click here
And C-bear OCM (original cage max) click here

Pulley - XX1 Sram|bi-cycle ceramic bearing| Pulley - XX1 Sram

Sram 11 Speed
Force CX1
Force 1
Rival 1
Apex 1


Pulley - Sram Eagle 12 Speed|bi-cycle ceramic bearing| Pulley - Sram Eagle 12 Speed

XX1 Eagle
XO1 Eagle
GX Eagle
NX Eagle
SX Eagle

Pulley wheels OCM (Original Cage Max)|bi-cycle ceramic bearing| Pulley OCM (Original Cage Max)

Dura Ace R9200 (12speed)
Ultegra R8100 (12speed)
Dura Ace R9100, R9150 Di2
Ultegra R8000, R8050 Di2
105 R7000
105 R7150 (12 speed)

SRAM AXS Road 12 speed :

SRAM red Etap 11 speed

SRAM AXS MTB 12 speed :