The pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike. An upgrade to ceramic bearing therefore is the most effective upgrade. C-Bear ceramic pulley can be used both for road, cyclocross and MTB.

Full Ceramic Pulley Shimano Sram|Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley Full Ceramic

Shimano-Sram 10/11sp
Sram  AXS 12 speed - road

Campagnolo  11 speed 
Campagnolo  12 speed 
For Road/Race use Only.

 Pulley - Titanium |Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley - Titanium

Shimano-Sram 10/11 speed
Campagnolo 11 speed

With full ceramic bearings, click here

Pulley Campagnolo|Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley Campagnolo

11 speed  (picture here)
12 speed
13 speed Ekar
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Available in both full and hybrid ceramic bearings

Pulley Shimano-Sram|Bi-cycle bottom bracket with ceramic bearings| Pulley Shimano-Sram

10/11 Speed:


With full ceramic bearings, click here
And C-bear OCM (original cage max) click here

Pulley - XX1 Sram|bi-cycle ceramic bearing| Pulley - XX1 Sram

Sram 11 Speed
Force CX1
Force 1
Rival 1
Apex 1


Pulley - Sram Eagle 12 Speed|bi-cycle ceramic bearing| Pulley - Sram Eagle 12 Speed

XX1 Eagle
XO1 Eagle
GX Eagle
NX Eagle
SX Eagle

Pulley wheels OCM (Original Cage Max)|bi-cycle ceramic bearing| Pulley OCM (Original Cage Max)

Dura Ace R9200 (12speed)
Ultegra R8100 (12speed)
Dura Ace R9100, R9150 Di2
Ultegra R8000, R8050 Di2
105 R7000

SRAM AXS Road 12 speed :

SRAM red Etap 11 speed

SRAM AXS MTB 12 speed :