I. Ceramic Bearings Specialist
We focus on what we know best.

All C-Bear products are standard with ceramic bearings,
with a simple 2 years warranty against manufacture defects. ( No  "and/or/if/then"  conditions attached)

II. One-size-does-not-fit-all

C-Bear differentiates and offers 2 types of ceramic bearings :

1. Race – least rolling resistence, for dry road conditions (Friction Facts, an independent lab study, C-Bear came in Top 3 in Bottom Bracket Efficiency test. First place is a bottom bracket with no-seal-bearings, only suitable for indoor racing condition).

2. Cyclocrss/MTB – for riding in puddles and dirt road conditions.
Our special formulated grease and seals are specific to cater these riding conditions.

III. Innovative products

C-Bear is a pioneer in many of the current bottom bracket trends.

1. First to offer a full array of bottom bracket solution to YOUR CHOICE of bi-cycle frame and crank.

C-bear BB (bottom bracket) Easy Finder

2. Aluminium Housing
Precisioned cnc aluminium bottom bracket cup/housing instead of plastic housing.
C-Bear took a very early position not to use plastic cups (back in 2011/12 when most were adding all sorts of plastic accessory parts to force the 2 components - bicycle bottom bracket shell and crank - to fit).  Metal alloy housings requires:

  • Higher precision
  • Tighter tolerance
  • No Flex
  • No tendency to deform

3. Bearings next to crankarm
Designed to place C-Bear ceramic bearings next to the crankarm for optimal stiffness and maximum power transfer.

4. Eliminate unecessary add-ons

  • Eliminate lose parts (spacer, wave ring, adapters....) 
  • No loctite (glueing)
    optimal tight fit, just press-in.

 Simply install and enjoy your ride. No-thinking-worries-free, simply works as it should. - Silent Speed Performance.