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Bridie O’Donnell New UCI Hour Attempt Record 2016 with C-bear on CerveloT4

@Bridie_OD set new ‪#‎UCIHourRecord‬ of 46.882km 22jan2016 . Last record 46.273 km. CONGRATULATIONS.
She rode CerveloT4 with C-bear no creak bottom bracket, top 3 in bottom bracket efficiency test by Friction Facts.

C-bear ceramic “bearings & jockey wheels have been AWESOME - I'm so happy with them, Thankyou!” Bridie O’Donnell.

"From my perspective it's (C-bear) an excellent product, that far exceeds expectations." Ken Ballhause,@HPTek_au , coach of Bridie.

After the successful Hour Attempt, Bridie sent us this photo, which we proudly displayed and quoted "Your bearings were AMAZING!! "

Bridie O'Donnell new UCI hour attempt with C-bear on CerveloT4


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