C-Bear Silent Ceramic Performance - A Year On

Review by Darby Thomas (professional triathlete)
May 23 2016

C-Bear PF86 shimano bottom bracket with ceramic bearing   C-bear ceramic bottom bracket wheelbearing derailleur on Darby Thomas Felt bike

About a year ago I needed a solution to a crank-bottom bracket compatibility issue I was having with my race bike. I knew of adapter system but I was sure the results would be less than perfect. The hassle of installing an adapter plus the creaking and poor performance was not what I wanted for a bike worth more than my car. A friend of mine had been dealing with a similar dilemma and had found the C-bear products to be the ideal solution. But not only could C-Bear offer a solution to this pesky problem, they could improve the performance of all my bearing parts by offering top-quality ceramic bearings. I took the plunge and ordered up bearings for not only my bottom bracket solution but also my race wheels and derailleur pulleys.

c-bear Pressfit 86 Shimano bottom bracket with ceramic bearing   c-bear ceramic pulley on Darby Thomas Felt   Darby Thomas triathlons Felt bike with C-Bear ceramic bearings

Installation was simple and done in a matter of minutes. The results were immediately noticeable with all rolling parts smoothly and incredibly quietly floating along. I was a bit unsure if this kind of performance would last a grueling season of use but after a year my heavily used bottom bracket continues to roll like day 1. I don't get the opportunity to use my race wheels more than about 10 times a year but every time I do I get the pleasure of wheels that seem to want to go faster all the time.

C-bear full ceramic pulley derailleur

C-Bear full-ceramic derailleur pulleys, if you have not seen the video of how they spin, you should. With the flick of a finger, they spin freely for what seems like minutes. I can tell you they do the same on my bike as well! Thanks C-Bear for keeping me rolling, and rolling and rolling ...

C-Bear - Silent Ceramic Performance - First Impression
Darby Thomas (professional triathlete) April 2015