C-Bear Free Speed Bottom Bracket with Ceramic Bearings, Hayden McCormick Lotto U23

dinsdag, april 14, 2015

C Bear Free Speed Bottom Bracket - Hayden McCormick (Lotto U23)

I have been riding C bear BB for two years now and don't want to ride anything else.

After installing the C Bear BB you will immediately notice your cranks spin freely and when you spin the crank backwards it keeps rotating a lot longer than a standard BB.
This has great affect to overall watts produced and performance when you think of how many rotations you do in a race, it's like giving yourself free speed!

Another great thing about C Bear is the range of ceramic BB they make.
So no matter what racing bike you have you can instantly save yourself some watts by using ceramic C Bear BB.

I can recommend C Bear to any racers or anyone who just wants a smooth fast reliable bb for there bike!

Massive thanks to C bear for helping me be that little bit faster!!

Hayden McCormick (Lotto U23)